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Monastery of Saint Parascheva (Hancu Monastery)

A few lines that highlight the over age fights along our historical becoming, illustrated by words of Kogalniceanu, named the first defender of our national interests; Kogalniceanu refers to princes of Moldavia that for the centuries led a spirited defense against constant Turkish invasions (safeguarding much of Western Europe):

“Many times defeated, many times conquered, but never broken down and never hopeless, they may use all the opportunities since 1366 until 1688 being all the time in defense. Mircea the Old, Vlad the Impaler, Stephen the Great, Michael the Brave, Sherban Cantacuzino have been the greatest enemies of pagans, defenders of Saint Cross”.

(M. Kogălniceanu, an excerpt from the inaugural speech on November 24, 1843
in the opening of National History classes

at the Academia Mihaileana)

In fighting enemies of orthodoxy, Romanian prices-patriot has shown great courage and strength what is a vivid characteristic of theirs and of theirs attendants. Among praiseworthy are Hînculeşti kin. Alexandru Xenopol marked about them: “This family wrote a lot of beautiful memorial pages, numerous as the stars in the sky, in the our people Chronicle of sufferings.”

One of the most distinguished members of this noble family was Mihalcea Hîncu. „first of the brave Bessarabians”, he were remarkable in the revolt against the despot Gheorghe Duca and laid the foundation of a monastery, carrying his name today.

So, with the our Lord benediction, in a peaceful and picturesque place, the second half of XVII century established the (Hîncu nunnery) Monastery of Saint Parascheva, she is considered the Patron Saint and Protector of Moldavia. The December 9th, 1678 in an historic act is signed the outset of monastery.

There are many legends in Lapusna-land on Monastery origins. The archive data show the hardships to which were exposed the community of monastics along history. Even more questions generated today.

Along centuries, with a lot of endure, the Monastery survived and reopened in 1992 for divine service. Nowadays the monastery holds prayers and services in recognition of the heritage of the founders. Under the leadership Bishop Petru (Musteaţă) and Igumeni Parascheva (Cazacu) the monastery is opened for Christians and those who find consolation in this place blessed by God.

With the blessings of His Grace, Petru, Bishop of Hâncu is to open the official site of Hâncu Monastery with the data found in archives narrating about rich history of this monastery and the news&events occuring in the monastic community.

We invite you to visit our sacred monastery for to glorify the Lord altogether.

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